Dorrien Estate Winery Ammonia/Brine Refrigeration System

ISECO are engaged in the specification and design for an ammonia/brine refrigeration system to replace Dorrien Estate Winery’s existing air cooled R134A chillers in SA. The new system has a capacity of 1400kW for 20,000T crush as well as over 50% reduction in annual energy consumption with a reduction of 3,800 tonnes of CO2 emissions over 10 years.

Marley Spoon WA CO2 Transcritical Production Facility

Marley Spoon's CO2 transcritical kit meal production facility is now under construction. The project has two independent T.C systems with adaibatic assistance on gas coolers to provide refrigeration to freezer & chilled storage rooms at the production facility with total capacity of 300kW MT and 100kW LT.