Weilong Winery Update

ISECO is glad to announce that the first stage of development of the specially designed refrigeration plant at Weilong Winery in Mildura  has been completed in time for this year’s vintage. 

Achieving excellent energy management and the ability to constantly monitor refrigeration load are crucial for this facility and were at the heart of ISECO’s design.  

The plant includes Mycom J series compressors running on Ammonia refrigerant to maximise efficiency, two 100kl brine tanks to trim peak loads and provide thermal storage, and two Guntner Ecoss variable speed condensers which respond to ambient conditions to optimise fan speeds. 

As part of the overall energy management process, digital flow meters were installed on each major load group which combined with logs of supply and temperatures allows constant monitoring of the wineries actual instantaneous refrigeration load. This information will be invaluable for upcoming vintages by allowing more accurate prediction of when capacity upgrades will be required. 

We’re keen to enjoy the final product once the winemaking process has been completed.