Heathwood Heat Pump Racks up 1000 hours of Operation!

The ammonia heat pump installed at the Hilton Australia Heathwood meat processing facility is close to ticking over 1000 hours of operation.

This heat pump takes waste heat from the main refrigeration system compressor discharge condenser via an ammonia to glycol heat exchanger ( HEX 05 ) , and produces hot water at over 55oC for the daily wash down and cleaning cycle .

This heat would normally be rejected to atmosphere, but instead the 8 cylinder Sabroe HeatPAC heat pump produces 1050kWhrs of heat for every hour it runs at full load .

Over 1000 hours that’s around 1050 MWhrs of heating and for a typical natural gas fired boiler, 4,550 GJ of natural gas saved.

The heat pump has a COP off approximately 6.0 at the current operating conditions and thus uses approximately 175,000 kWhrs of electricity over 1000 hours.

The net result: over 90 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions saved and in the order of $55,000 reduction in energy costs.

Plus, there is a further saving on scarce condenser make up water due to the reduced condenser loading.

  • Reduced emissions
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced condenser water make up

For those who are serious about sustainability the benefits are clear.

Heathwood HEX05

Heathwood HEX05 1